Purpose in life

July 17, 2008 at 1:23 pm

I often wonder what I still need to accomplish in my life-want to do so much, but this all the time pain in my legs makes it hard to even think more than just enduring the pain.

In your travels Jan, have you ever felt a presence beside you protecting you on your journey? I have on really snowy days or sometimes I just feel a presence beside me, while I am driving. Makes me feel good and that I am going to have a safe journey. I often joke with hy friends that with what I have been through in my life, I am on my second guardian angel. Maybe it is as you say, a guide or guardian Jamie.

A quick story-my cousin(age 10) and I (age11) were riding a bike-one stood and pedaled, the other sat on the seat. Every time she pedaled, I got this impending forboding awlful feeling, and when I pedaled, it went away. We rode this way for a few hours, changing positions probably every 20-30 minutes).That forboding feeling really scared me, but I didn’t say anything to her. Finally, going down a hill and she was pedaling, I had that feeling again and about 15 seconds later, we wiped out on the bike. My knees were full of gravel that the doctor had to dig out, and several scrapes and minor cuts, but my cousin was ok. Have never had that again.

Not even when my older son was killed. I do remember that I looked over at him lying on the living room floor as I left for work and smiling. It was quite common for lots of teen boys just sleeping over, and there were probably 6 or 7 guys on the floor that marning. I always wished that I had had a chance to say goodbye to him. I was so angry with God for many years for taking my son. Felt so devastated-that isn’t even the best word. But I have made peace with God and now I have accepted Him into my life again-I know He never left and likely was carrying me for a long while. Sad story-looks like it is going to be a weepy day again.

I pray that you all have a good day and Jan, that your journey is a safe one.
You’re right Jamie-we three were up at the same time last night- just a trio of night owls.:) Take good care. Emma