Pulsed IV Solumedrol

August 28, 2008 at 1:47 pm


I was on IV Solumedrol (methylpred), started at one gram twice a week for six weeks, then a gram a week for six weeks, then taper. It was a disaster, and my doctors believe it helped precipitate a severe exacerbation that left me with significant increases in disability that remain in many ways today, two years later.

I would never do them again in any form, due to my bad experience. I do IVIG every other week. The therapy that I am most interested in is the high dose Cytoxan protocol now being rolled-out by John Hopkins. It is a protocol that Hopkins doctors have trademarked as Revimmune, and it has produced remarkable results for patients with MS and other autoimmune conditions, including I believe some severe cases of CIDP.