PT Forever!

January 31, 2009 at 5:08 am

Hi Sue,

I have some input for you if you would like to hear. I have CIDP that was very gradual to some point in time. My muscles would get better if I did PT
daily and I would even get stronger. If I stopped or reduced my schedule, I would decline and small injuries would occur.

MY GP doctor told me physical therapy for the rest of my life. I said what, I have been working out the last 12 years on my own to build strength and now your telling me that isn’t enough!

Over my undiagnosed period of 3 years. I did over 100 PT sessions at a facility and all thoughts were that I had a bad back causing sciatica, lower lumbar pain and weak lower legs. The Neuro’s did a double lumbar microdiscectomy. They were wrong. That didn’t fix a thing. as a matter of fact if pissed of the CIDP to where a year and half later I was reduced to a cane. Anyway,

We did alot of core abdominal strength. this is good for anybody. especially if you are on a production line where you may lean forward alot and doing some lifting etc. The possibility exist that you may need ongoing PT. I do mine at home and have been so regimented it no big deal. I understand you may be tired after work so try to do it before work or when watching TV. And as the older more experience folks say. “KEEP MOVING” don’t stop. Good Luck.–tim–