June 18, 2007 at 11:29 am

Hi Bubbleboy,

I have been battling the medical community for almost 3 years now and even after being diagnosed with CIDP been told that my symptoms were somatic in nature. Further conclusive tests were invalidated because they were done overseas. I still don’t have a neurologist nor has treatment started for me, I get really angry with the word “psychosomatic”.

It is the world we live in there is insanity on every corner as well as greed and selfishness and above all else the insatiable and colossal egos all around us. It used to be that being ill was seen as a problem that required that the doctor actually made sure that the patient was no longer in discomfort and actually better but in today’s world it is very difficult to come in contact with true healers in the medical community.

Stress and anger has a direct effect on your symptoms and this is a disease of the nervous system and there are real physiological psychiatric issues involved that require psychotropic mediation. My advice to you is to keep striding forward, do whatever it takes to keep faith in yourself and try your best to remain at peace.

Half the battle is the diagnosis once you know what to expect even if the nature of the expectation is the unexpected it is better than not knowing. don’t let anyone let you think that this is an imaginary condition and good luck in your journey ahead.

Best Wishes,