Psoriasis is it or isn’t it?

February 14, 2011 at 10:08 am

I can see (rhymes with concede) that you were trying to tell us that nail fungus could conceivably be Psoriasis.

I do not agree that there is nothing to be done about it merely because it is another form of immune system malfunction.

Do what? What behooves us all to do. Get a diagnosis, get more than one opinion. Somebody said the dermatologist was ‘not concerned.’ Yes, I have that trouble and need to take my own advice. My family doctor, while perhaps not concerned, did say ‘..leave it alone, get used to it, it’s ugly…’

hmm, I’m gonna go see a podiatrist or dermatologist or both. If it’s fungus it can biopsied, sampled, cultured, whatever you call it to identify it. Same with Psoriasis, the doc, supposedly, can look at samples under the microscope to make a diagnosis.

Of course I also agree with the desire to home treat. Granted, I do that also. But, for how long, to what end? You know what else? Guys are stubborn, right?

Don’t be stubborn, get a diagnosis, get treatment, get a second or third opinion. I’m gonna. Someday. Maybe tomorrow.