Pruney fingers? You are not alone….

February 14, 2009 at 5:31 pm

I suggest you web up the: Electronic Textbook of Dermatology put out from Stanford University.. On the left column, scroll down to ‘diabetes in skin disease’ and then click on into the Abstract AND the introduction…. You should read these first before going to anything else in the formats… It is good background for anyone who has skin issues with CIDP. Treating most issues is as treating for diabetics, the distinction being the causes. We have to watch our hands and feet and skin far more diligently than diabetics in many cases as we don’t always feel what’s happening.
The good part about this whole site is how some diabetes AND CIDP type issues affect/effect subtle autonomic lymph and vascular systems…causing issues such as the pruney fingers. It’s also in an understandable format, not total ‘tech speak’.
I apply lotions at least 10-20 times a day! I hate to wash my hands as I have to ‘lotion’ all over again. I’ve got non-latex gloves to wear for such occasions? When I had my onset? I had such dry skin that it was like I had body snow! Scalp, anywhere…flakes like from a bad sunburn were just coming off! Your skin, the largest organ in your body is not being told what to do correctly and passing what it needs on to the brain and the rest to keep your skin moist and healthy because of the ‘mixed signals’. Most neuro’s only/mainly focus on the pain aspects. This is right and proper, but an ounce of common sense on our part helps – lotion up!
CIDP? That ‘P’ Stands for POLYneuropathy. Meaning many nerves are affected. It is not uncommon for autonomic nerves to be affected in different ways, tho most commonly involve the abilities to breathe or swallow tho… It’s all part and parcel on what makes US lucky that we got a diagnosis? Even tho we each have different aspects to this whole thing, we’ve ‘GOT IT!’