August 12, 2006 at 8:42 pm

Okay y’all, i have to relate a little story. I now know why guitarists should never go to the guitar store unless they intend to buy. spent the time since my last post ordering the “gripmaster” finger/hand strengtheners and reading up on guitars and looking for beginning guitar stuff, as well as reading about some of the newer guitarists (famous kind) that have been and are out there since about 20 years ago when i was last paying attention to such things.

So, i come across a hit on google that mentions this guy “Paul Reed Smith”. Who’s that, i sez to myself? google some more and see the amazing stuff this guy creates. woodworking being a hobby of mine before CIDP, i just can’t believe what i’m seeing on the web site!

well, i’m finally getting to the point where i have an actual “music room” – not quite there yet but close – so i’m practicing on my Squire Tele and realize that i hate the way the cord plugs into the guitar with a straight cable. i decide i need to get a cable with a 90 degree elbow connector on at least one end. so, i set out to go pick one up at a local music store. i find a store online and head over to Guitar Center here in nashvegas. my son is with me and he was also ooh-ing and ah-ing over the PRS guitars when i was looking at them online. we turn to the right because that’s where allot of guitars are hanging on walls, displays, … everywhere and i catch this blue flash out of the corner of my right eye. i turn to look and there is an entire wall of PRS guitars hanging behind the counter. i tap ethan on the shoulder and we’re both just jaw-dropping-staring at these guitars. dude behind the counter sez, they’re having a PRS give away and do i want to demo one and fill out the entry form to win the drawing? ok, sez i but i’m really tentative about it since i have forgotten everything and am just now getting back into playing. he grabs the exact guitar i was drooling over while online and set’s it up with a fender amp and explains a few things about the guitar’s functioning then i sit down and he hands me the guitar.
as soon as my left hand grabs the neck and i strum the good ol’ basic C chord a sensation i have never felt hits me like an electric shock. it’s as if this guitar is part of my hands. like it’s custom made and designed just for me. the action is so incredible that i feel like i’m not even trying to fret the strings, and the sound … i can’t even describe how it all feels. i have to have this guitar! then i look at the price tag … $2000 on sale!!!!!
oh man, don’t ever do that to yourself unless you have the money to buy the instrament! the past 2 nights all i dream about is playing that guitar! *sighs long and deep* i gotta have that guitar …