Proper treatment is the key…..

July 5, 2009 at 11:07 pm


I think age is going to play a huge factor with how well your son recovers.. I think many of the cidper’s on this site are probably a lot older than your son… (40’s and up)… I think you should keep in mind that there are different degrees of nerve damage people get, and that relapses and recoveries go hand in hand…. Also, not everyone who has cidp is walking with a cane or in wheelchair, same is true for ms…. Hope that clears some stuff up for you…… I hope that the message you take away from this is that it isn’t all gloom and doom.. There are treatments that work, and many people recover and lead normal lives.. Take my case.. My neuro.. says that 80% of cidp cases he catches with in two years can be put into remission… So far so good…..