Presidential election

October 5, 2008 at 12:00 pm

I agree with you JEF, but even more so. I’ve been say for the pas few months that this is the worst presidency ever. I voted for his dad I even voted for him. I initialy defended his actions and decisions on 9/11.

Im so disenchanted with “W” that I could go on and on.

Im voting for McCain. Im a registered Dem. One thing that mcCain has a real reputation for is telling the truth. And he really has served our country. I was for him long ago, during the last election, but I figured he would never get the nomination, because he isnt a politician in the truest sense.

And where can I get a t-shirt with Obama having mickey mouse ears? I’ll wear it and dare someone to call me a racist.

And I’m voting for governor Palin as well. I sincerely hope that she is our nations first female President.