Premeds or not? Ask your doc when you see him!

September 8, 2008 at 7:36 pm

Just be prepared to be bored, and at such times bored is good! Just be aware, very aware at what rates the nurses increase your doses… and should you feel any THING at all strange speak up and speak up promptly AND clearly about what it is that is ‘strange’. It is important.
Aside from that all, the hydration issue is a key one to keeping the headache devils at bay! Tho trying to use ‘facilities’ with a bag on a pole w/a pump and a needle in your arm can be a bit awkward? Deal with the awkward and get fluids into yourself!
As the whole infusion process progresses don’t be shy to ask questions… as many as you can to learn about what the nurses and others do and why they do it. Knowing what nurses and other folks are looking at/for helps you understand where they are coming from in terms of your care. Should problems occur later you then have a way to speak in the best ways to address those problems. BUT I don’t think there will be any! So there!
I realize it seems endlessly slow now, but it will go only as fast later as your own body can handle it, as it should be. I am truly hoping that you will feel better after all this and go WOW! I almost feel HUMAN! or something similar and soon! Either and any way my heart and hope is with you truly!