prednisone and other steroids aren’t for me…

February 4, 2011 at 9:33 pm

because of osteo issues. That’s why I went straight to IVIG, passing ‘GO’, then further other medical issues nixed other options for good.
That doesn’t mean I do not use more than one ‘topical’ steroid application for reactions to IVIG and other issues! I don’t worry about those, because they are ‘controlled use and application’ and also for very limited periods of time.
It is KEY tho? To distinquish between treatment for viral vs. fungal issues. Steroids can curb viral growth? But, fungal is a whole different kettle of fish. Treatments are very different, and often for fungal? Nasty to endure and harder to diagnose.
I have explored this aspect in the past? But, never kept references as…it didn’t apply to me in the long run.
I can say tho? That while on IVIG for the last few years? No pneumonia, or flus or bad colds…something I’ve always experienced since I was a mere kindergardener! I still have congestion, and sinusitus? But, it’s a heap better than being wiped out w/a cold every 8 weeks! My last ‘cold’ got me the pneumonia which got me the CIDP! And, a few other ‘things’. There are times to be grateful? And, thus ‘Chill!’. Hope to all!