February 4, 2010 at 6:23 pm

thank you dean

(this is sophie)

that’s precisely where we’re at – the most important is exchange of information – that’s what we initially came to get – and that’s why we make a point of posting updates on this stem cell treatment

at one point alice was discouraged by this lack of perspective here and felt she didn’t want to post anymore – i encouraged her reminding her of how important it is to post this info even if it helps ONE person

and that’s what happened – that’s how jim got this info to now do this treatment

alice shares the info first hand – she’s acutely aware of what is happening in her body and feels the cidp has been cleared out of her body and if there’s anything important to share in this forum, this is it.

she’s coming up on 4 months post transplant, is off all meds, and has only improved exponentially (as dr burt told her she would). prior, if alice stopped taking prednisone more than a week or two, she deteriorated quickly and severely. so subsequently, we’re pretty convinced, as you can well imagine

mostly i just wanted to piggyback your sentiment of the importance of discussion, however heated it may sometimes become, so thank you for posting that perspective

as an aside, both alice an i have always enjoyed all you have had to contribute
since reading the forum

be well dean,