Prayers for our country…

October 8, 2008 at 1:52 am

I am much less worried about the Presidential election than I am about the state of our economy. Either candidate will be taking over a country in a recession, possibly even a depression. Most of the Baby Boomers have made no effort to save, instead counting on the equity from the sale of homes that we now know to be greatly overpriced & overinflated. They have watched their 401K Plans plummet 50% in the stock market since the beginning of this year. And now we are finally beginning to hear that Social Security is really in the trouble that politicians have been denying for years; maybe it will become mainly a welfare program for the very poor who have nothing. 40% of all taxes paid in this country now go for Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid!

So who has a better plan, Obama or McCain. I have watched the stumping, the debates & the pundants for hours & I still don’t have any answers. As a registered Independent I am still undecided; but will probably vote for McCain, just because he has more experience. Not that it matters, as I live in MN which always votes Democratic, even in the year Dukakis couldn’t even carry his own state, he took MN. I wish we could vote for an entirely new Congress, & not allow lawyers to run, only Accountants & economists! So tonight I will say a prayer for the USA, that we can weather this & leave a better country for our children.