Prayers for everybody requesting a prayer!

October 2, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Oh that is so sad about Trevor! So young and yet having to fight such a challenging battle. Will say a special prayer for him tonight. Paul Newman I respect alot for. He has done so much in society and donated to help the goodness of people. And I hope he is in a beautiful place now! He certainly diserves it!
Jamie! Saying prayers that the medication works for your son and Emma! Praying for your request also!
I pray that our economy gets better and we start seeing a better world. Saw on the news last night about a Tent City the mayor made in Nevada for homeless families and those seeking jobs. It was so sad because last week I saw in my area a few hours away that they also have done the same thing. And winter is coming. This is just getting so bad and I pray that these people that have been afflicted by this bad economy ended up getting better rewards in the future!