Praise Report

August 25, 2008 at 3:41 pm

I’ve been out awhile so I thought I would provide an update … and thought a “praise report” might be encouraging news that some could use.

I’ve now had 5 PE’s (5 in 7 days – they gave me the weekend off). I had a B-12 injection and left for Seattle to embarc on an Alaska cruise (more on the cruise at a latter date) the day following my last PE. My worst CIDP day so far was the next day in Seattle before we boarded the ship. I was so very weak, winded and light headed.

Praise be to God, the good news is that the PE’s seem to have worked. I have regained significant motor control and strength in my fingers, wrists, toes and feet and I am seeing daily improvement. The sensory has improved significantly as well, but sensory seems to also wane somewhat throughout the day.

I have a follow up with the Neurologist on September 5th and he plans to schedule a “booster” PE afterwards. Also we’ll talk at that time about the next course of action (IVIG probably – my glucose test indicated diabetic so steroids are now an unpreffered treatment that will require hospitalization if we go that route). I have an appointment with an endochonologist to follow up on the glucose test…I’m not sure I believe the diabetic diagnosis…

We serve an awesome God!

LindaH, I lifted up your request just now, I am sorry I was out and missed your request.