power of prayer

February 4, 2008 at 6:04 pm

I too had Gbs ,started on October 13th of 07.I too had people from all over the country praying for my recovery. Two churches in Az, and 4 churches in Mi,
It has been 16 weeks now and basicaly I am healed except for my toes are 10% numb and the balls of my feet are sore in the morning and at night.
I didnt start to walk until 8 weeks out. I never made it to the ventilator As far as I;am concerned my healing was fast because of answered prayer.I was at a hockey game saturday with my freind who had it at age 40 and he was inches from a vent and he recovered completley in 3 months.Their was a guy at the game at the end of the row who got it in 2005 and still has residules. Whats the chances of that happening?! His never progressed past his feet and hasnt had much healing. He is about 63 years old. Who knows or could say why some heal fast and some heal slow. Its all in Gods timing
Take care