Post surgery risiduals

July 14, 2007 at 8:40 am

I had ‘minor’ vein surgery 2 1/2 years after dx with GBS. Had always had the risiduals and the surgeon felt there wouldn’t be any problem with the anesthesia. WRONG! Another case of an uninformed Dr. I was down for 10 days and back to PT for 3 months.
Because I have continued to loose weight since the initial onset of GBS, my primary care Dr. suggested a series of gastric tests. I had some real concerns with a colonoscopy and so did this Dr. He said he would not do it or suggest it. We’ll take pictures first and any invasive procedure should be a last result.
I’ve done a lot of reading and it does seem to follow that many of us have a hard time coming back after any invasive procedure.
Take care and beware,