Post GBS and Alternative therapies

October 4, 2006 at 10:54 am

I have been stewing about the possibility of trying deep tissue massge and acupuncture for my Post GBS symptoms. I have taken Cymbalta and had weight gain issues, I am unsure if I want to try other drugs. I have an appt. with my PCP to discuss going to another neuro, adding physical therapy, alternative modalities and finding out more about clinical studies to join. I will keep you posted as I have exhausted myself in search of relief and continue to decline weekly.

What I think is interesting is that on the Post Polio thread, there was lots of info on how 20 -25 years post and with lots of physical activity, Post Polio takes a nose dive. So many similarities to me that it is depressing. As a Type A personality, married to a Type A, I have a hard time balancing. And going at life full force has been my modus operendi for 25 years. How do slow down now?

Post GBS knocked me on my butt last summer and now I am facing a worsening of symptoms as are a lot of other Post GBS’ers. I definitely would love it if someone at the Symposium would address this and underwrite a clinical study, because as time passes many more will be Post GBS and we need to know what to expect. And what helps…

I will see what my PCP says this week and add things we agree on.

Let you know….,