Please share your info…

May 22, 2008 at 9:21 am

Hey all,

My codition now is not so good. I have my feet drop and cannot balance my body when I try to stand still. I also cannot stretch some of my fingers, especially on my right hand. My muscles are so weak, esp in my hands and my lower legs below my knees. I can walk but cannot run. I can write and type but not as comfortably as I used to. The rest seems to be OK. Although I feel better about my condition since I changed my neuro, I am still worried about my slow recovery as I explained in the previous posts. So, my question is ” if the current treatment suits me, how many (months/ years) will I spend to become, I would say, almost normal as I could like the pre-cidp ?” I know it depends on individuals….I just want to know the average time that most people spent and fought with this from the conditions close to mine.

Really need to know so that I can plan my future 🙂

Won’t give up!!!