July 20, 2010 at 10:04 pm

I used to do all kinds of music, playing clubs 4 years…100 or so shows a year.
Believe it or not now I do kids shows all over Canada and US. 10 CDs and 3 DVD just love it!
Bit of history, back in 2002 had wierd feeling in my arms doc said it was stress so after a while I changed doctors and the one I have now found my neck wasn’t turning anough so she sent me for an MRI. I few weeks later I was on tour in Vancouver BC, She left a message with my wife telling me absolutly not to lift anything as I had a herniated disc in my neck and doing so I could be paralysed. So at least I new the pain I had was real!
So in 2004 a neuro suggested I get fused at C5 C6 lever. It took another 4 years for me to decide to go with it. I had to do it…too much pain.
Anyways after the suggery my neck felt better but the pain in my left arm and hand was at a level 10. That was in 2008 and the pain is still in my arm and hand(index finger) it’s not as bad but it still effects my life. I take 1800mg and 25mg of Amitriptalyn every day.

QUOTE=northernguitarguy]Sweet! What kind of music do you play? Accordion eh? My wife has turned me on to Arcade Fire who use thm nicely.

I like to RAWK!

AND no matter what please believe that you will play again.

I know that you and I are different in our sickness, but if it helps I will tell you that eight weeks ago I could barely pick up my guitars (the Les Paul almost pulled me over!). When I playe the strings felt like hot knife blades.

Today i practised major and pentatonic scales for about 5 minutes (and played a wicked djembe along with The Police).

Have you received any treatment yet? I don’t know anything about how you got sick. If you feel up to it i would like to know more.