Plastic water bottles and carcinogens

August 21, 2008 at 12:38 am

Yes we have had many newspaper articles recently in Canada about certain carcinogens being released from certain plastics. Health Canada is investigating and is soon to make a decision about whether to ban certain plastics. I know plastic baby bottles have been put on the list for parents to avoid. Recently the city of Vancouver has engaged in discussions about banning all plastic water bottles. But I believe it is one type of plastic that is of major concern. [url][/url]

[QUOTE=Emily’s_mom]Ali –

I recently read that the problem with plastic water bottles is when they are heated up. Apparently they release a compound chemical that is associated with making people sick…can’t remember the name of the chemical right now though.

The article said the problem arises when the water bottle is left in a hot car & then people drink the water.

I have friends who refuse to use plastic containers to warm their foods up in because of this concern.

Just thought I’d chime in.