Plasmapheresis and Cellcept

November 22, 2010 at 8:43 am

That combo worked very very well for me.

I was physically at a point where I couldn’t stand up for two months, open a can of soda, or lift a one-pound dumb bell above my head when my neuro started me on plasmapheresis and Cellcept.

By the second treatment of plasmapheresis, the grip in my hands were probably 25% stronger and I could lift my leg a foot or more off the bed (after barely being able to move them at all for a month).

I was told by my neuro that it takes Cellcept 6 months to “fully kick in,” which means I needed one treatment every month for 6 months once I was done with the initial barrage of inpatient treatments.

I had 13 treatments total – 7 inpatient and 6 outpatient and the Cellcept “kicked in” in the month of August.

At this point, I’ve recovered beyond 100% from CIDP in large part because I’ve continued a vigorous workout plan since rehab ended and also incorporated a strict diet which combined has enabled me to lose 85 lbs in the last 5 months.

I require no other treatments and depend completely on Cellcept and I no longer have to see a doctor until I need my med scripts in the Spring.

A lot of neurologists don’t like ordering plasmapheresis treatments but it unquestionably worked better for me than IVIG.