May 10, 2008 at 5:58 pm

Hi Kenneth,
I went through the P/E for over a year, and it did not help me. I would go for an all-day treatment, for one full week each month, to no avail. I am on Chemotherapy now, in my doctor’s team trying to put the CIDP into remission, though not having much progress so far.
I used to HATE the venal catheter–they would put one in each month, taking it out at the end of each week. You cannot take a good shower due to the difficulty in keeping the area dry.
I also had a problem bottoming out or crashing with very low blood pressure. The P/E process itself can lower your B/P, which is why during the process, the nurses take constant vital signs. They adjust the machine if they see it starting to drop. That is also why there is a crash cart in the PP room.
I also had constant anemia from the PP, to the point that I would have to get a couple of units of blood every so often.
Good luck with your P/E, I do hope it works for you, as I know it has worked for others.