Plasma Pheresis invasive

November 18, 2006 at 1:35 am

I agree it is rather invasive but our doctor only gave us that option and Nate was going downhill fast.
When they did PP to Nate, they put one line in his left arm and another in his neck, in the Jugular vein.
He was very uncomfortable with it there but it held ok with a ton of tape and clear bandage.
They took the blood out with one site, and put it back in with the other site.
He was always very nervous when they had him hooked up to the machine with all the tubing, so they started sedating him some while it was going on.
He got Staph infection at the site though and it went into his bloodstream. He got sick from that, needing strong antibiotics.
He really didn’t need anything else to happen.