Planning on attending my second symposium, but now doubtful….

September 19, 2008 at 2:56 pm

Hi everyone.

It’s been some time since being in these forums. I’m glad I finally found some discussion about the upcoming symposium. This would be my second one (I was at the Phoenix one two years ago) and I very much want to attend, but things are looking iffy now. Gas and airline prices are insane and I can’t believe that these are fellow Americans doing this to all of us and not terrorists.

I did make my hotel reservation already (this year will be different and I won’t wind up at a hotel way down the road, like Phoenix…, LOL), but now I’m struggling over driving from Albany, New York, or getting plane tickets (or trying to). I’m moving towards driving the 13+ hours because I love to drive and I want to “see” the scenery this time.

Anyone interested in accompanying me on the drive can contact me here on the forum or by email at [email][/email] or [email][/email] or calling me at work at 518-473-5828 (M-F 7:30am to 3:30pm…, some Friday’s I am off for a vacation day). I drive very well (knock wood) and would cover the expense of getting us there safely. At least two (2) good rest stops are planned and we would get into Chicago early Thursday morning…, I have to be in for a liaison meeting. I will check back here through October and check my Hotmail mailbox for any interested individuals. I am offering because I know these are difficult times for many and I’m willing to try to do something to help someone (a GBS/CIDP family member) else out.

I read a few of the other posts and I’m saddened that so many others can’t make it to these symposiums. They, the symposiums, are a great way to just meet many others with these mutual conditions. I spent so many years thinking I was the only one that had GBS and through the Foundation and after meeting so many others, I’m glad to learn that I am not alone…, anymore. If you can make it, please come (beg, borrow, but don’t “steal” the money).

To my Ausie (down under) “sister,” I did get the nice card you sent after the liaison meeting in Philadelphia and thank you. Hugs and kisses.

Sorry for the long post, but I am a writer (published my third book recently and trying to finish a fourth in time for the next symposium) when I am not being a state worker (or maybe it’s because I [I]am[/I] a state worker that I am a writer, LOL).

Hugs to everyone and again, if you can make it to Chicago in November, I hope to meet with many of you again or for the first time. I’m hoping that the Financial Beast does not get too many others and myself. I’ll pray for myself any everyone else at this time.

Take care,

Alex in NY

I chose the unhappy smiley because of some of the things I read in other’s posts.