Pinellas County…..

October 16, 2007 at 6:38 pm

Having lived in Tampa for 21 years but moved right as I was starting to get GBS, I would do the following: there was a fantastic doctor – Dr. Carrow – who passed away a few years back. I would try and find whoever is taking over his practice. Dr. Carrow was unbelievable in being a unique doctor. He did a mix of AMA and wholistic. His wife had a wholistic radio show and they broadcast from their complex of offices. I cannot remember the name of their practice, but it is somewhere in PInellas County – possibly Largo. I do not know if they replaced Dr. Carrow with a doctor as good as he was. BUt if I were down there and in trouble, they would be my first stop. I have only found two excellent doctors in my life; he was one. He was brillliant and wasn’t afraid to expose the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry. If you decide to take this path and cannot find the practice, let me know and I shall pour through my old records to find it for you.