PICC line…

October 30, 2007 at 11:53 pm

I had a PICC line inserted in June of 2002, while I was inpatient at Mayo in Rochester, MN. A young woman just came into my room & if I remeber right it was a fairly simple procedure. I had no problems at all with it & had it in for 5 months. My husband did have to flush it once or twice a day with saline solution, & he was nervous about that.

When weekly PP was ordered for that November, the PICC line was taken out by my home health care nurse & I had an ash split catheter put into my chest. I would have that in for 15 months, or until I was off of all treatments for good. It was put in in Duluth & I was given something that made me not even remeber the procedure, although I was not technically put out. I had no problems or infections with that either, but could not shower. I would recommend a chest catheter if he has small veins, it makes it so much easier.