Personality changes

September 24, 2007 at 2:54 pm

Thank you for your question. I can only answer for myself. When I found out I had GBS I was devistated. I didn’t want to live and was angery at myself and those around me. I was furious at the people that make the Flu shot as this is where I caught it from.
Then one night in the hospital a voice spoke to me. It said your GBS isn’t as bad as so many. You can walk with a walker and you have the use of your body. Only your feet and lower legs are numb.
I started seeing things different. I made up my mind that I was going to WALK AGAIN and I did in 3 months. A great gift to us is the care giver. this is our support and strength. BUT> listen to us. if we need to cry then cry with us. Treat us as a human not as a cripple. We will get well in time. As I told a doctor once. You have no right to judge me until you have walked in my feet. or felt my pain. I asked my caregivers to look for improvement in me every day as I did. Do not show pity for me or patrinze me. walk beside me. encourage me show love and the greatest thing I did was turn myself over to my God and said I give this to you. I cannot do it without you. and something happen. I was at peace. and still am 9 months later and since my GBS I have had a triple by-pass.Remember WE WILL RECOVER. and as a care giver please give us support—strength–and love. You are in my prayers (Steve)