Personal feelings…

September 15, 2006 at 2:00 pm

Cheryl and Chrissy:

[QUOTE]don’t you think someone is going too far with the **** on a persons name now!!!! i could not believe my eyes when i read the results post for the last race!!!![/QUOTE]
[QUOTE]I agree – this is rather strange – we can easily figure out who it is/was. What’s the deal[/QUOTE]

I want to say that I treat everyone as equally as possible in this game, and at times, go out of my way to help players better understand the game so they may make better picks…or, if an error is made in their picks, I try to contact them so the error may be corrected before the race starts.

I really do not like the tone, or manner in which this subject was brought forth, as if it were me that was the “someone” going a bit too far with someone’s name…and yes, it is easy to figure out who it was.

[B]I do not expect….and I do not want a response.[/B] I just want to clear the air a little…

Best regards.