May 24, 2006 at 10:32 pm

Contact your state’s congressman, any political office you can. Also call the local pharmisist and ask him for the company that makes that medication and contact the company. Also they may know of some agencies that will give you assistance. Also contact your local hospital and see if you can get intouch with one of their case workers. Call your state’s Governor etc. If you have a computer you can type out one letter and mail it off to all the offices. Don’t just email their offices. Make sure they get a hard copy of the letter. Also call your local tv stations and speak to their consumer advocate they may have some suggestions too. Don’t give up! Give all this information to your friend and have him contact them personally too! I am sure he is busy as you are but giving him all the correct addresses and contact people will give him a very good start and speed up the process.