pencils down and close your books

March 15, 2008 at 8:18 pm

Hi, Tom,
I was a middle school teacher – Gifted Math & Science and regular geography in Tampa. My GBS hit its peak in 10/10/06. I was able to stand 4-5 months later, but I missed the 2006-07 school year. My principal told me not to come back the 2007-08 if I could not promise that I would be able to last the entire school year. Nice, huh? Since I did not know if I could handle a full year, I had to retire so I would have money coming in. (She was accused of embezzling money a few months after this school year started. karma) I am concentrating on keeping stress out of my life. I overestimated how much better I was. JUSt live in the now and be grateful that you did not have it as bad as many of the people on this site. IF you go back to the old threads, you can read some tear-jerkers. Then you will feel blessed. Good luck in your progress and just remember that nerves regenerate one MILLIMETER a day – the width of a pin. I still feel tingling 17 months later and numbness in my feet. I am using this time to look inward.