Parathesia is common to most sensory, motor and autonomic neuropathies…of which …

September 27, 2010 at 6:56 pm

CIDP and GBS are classified. And, they can be exclusively muscular [motor], sensory, or autonomic or any combo of the three…kind of like a Chinese menu? Thus harder to diagnose for most neuros and docs.
Distinctions between diabetic and autoimmune neuropathies are either chemical or in the autoimmune/genetic spectrum. Stuff gets squirrelley and often harder to diagnose w/o good testing and protocols.
A good site to see is this one:
url – eliminate the URL’s and go read!
BTW? I’ve had the ‘burning’ to the point where I felt I’d plunged hands and legs into a huge french fry vat! No external signs of ‘burning’? But BOY IT HURT ALOT! At times it’s either like living under a lot of high-tension wires [ungrounded?] or simply being plugged into some faulty outlet…Keeps on coming!
There are a series of tests to diagnose CIDP/GBS? This first site is a good start, and look at the tests that are suggested under each ‘condition’ then the testing…
Take it a step further? with this article: url The charts on this article, are indications as to who is looking how hard for anything if anything!
Keep faith and keep at it for a good diagnosis! It’s hard at times? But definitely worth it IF you get all the right tests and treatments before real damage is done! Do not give up, please? Not now and keep faith in yourself!
It mite not be CIDP/GBS, but it mite be something else…sooner to find out? The less stress, wear/tear on you and your family and friends!
Let us know, how you are faring in this all… it’s often like a baad roller coaster ride? In a hailstorm? But definitely worth it once you get off that ride! You’ll know where you are at, and with what!!!! Then, you and we can help? Can attack it! to the best outcomes that you can get. Hugs and hope!