pain normal?

July 13, 2010 at 2:17 am

I was diagnosed with CIDP a year and a half ago, and until the last 2 or 3
months, the pain was mild, and infrequent, and always a burning sensation
in the tops of my toes, and the front of my lower legs. It felt like it was on
the surface. I have been having serious pain in the upper thigh, sometimes
in the front, and sometimes on the inside, and sometimes, the whole thigh
throbbing, for the past two months. There is no pattern of time of day,
intensity, or length of pain. I can’t connect it to anything I am doing, like
going up, and down stairs, or stretching in a certain direction. An MRI, and
X-rays don’t show anything significant to be causing the pain. My doctor
said, that pain can be caused by healing, and he said, he likes to be posi-
tive, so I don’t get a lot of information about, what to expect with the
CIDP symptoms. The last few days, the pain is much less in the thigh, and
more often in the knee, and sometimes, the lower front of the same leg. It
is always in the right leg, which is most affected by the CIDP. Some doctors
have told me, that pain is not usual with CIDP, so I am puzzled by so many
reports of pain. My pain is never steady, always pulsating, or the result of
putting weight on the leg. When I sit down for about five minutes, the pain
will often go away. It varies greatly in intensity, and frequency. Is there
any treatment, other than pain pills for CIDP pain? I am taking a mild form
of tramadol, but it affects my appetite, and causes dry mouth. Sometimes,
the pain over rides the tramadol. I stopped all exercising, when the pain
intensified, thinking, the exercise might be aggravating it, or even causing
it. Does CIDP pain ever go away, once it starts?