Pain Mgt

August 13, 2007 at 10:50 pm

I take 2400-3200 mg daily of Gabapentin ( generic brand of Neurontin). My neurologist said that he prefers that to Lyrica for its effectivness. I used to take Tramadol also, first with Tylenol in it, then I requested it without Tylenol as I didn’t want ot constantly take Tylenol. On really bad days, when I have to be active and can’t drag my legs around, I take a low dose Percocet, which does wonders; it is the only time when I am pain free and forget that I am sick. But of course, doctors become very worried about prescribing narcotics.

A friend, who has MS, also takes tramadol and Gabapentin. She finds some relief from the Tramadol, although I didn’t find it did much more than to take the edge off, but I do find a decent dosage of Gabapentin to be a valuable.