Pain, ER, Problems

June 23, 2006 at 10:57 pm

Hello again.
I think a lot of people have issues with their pain and their need to get “help” that helps. My first dx (doc was my husband’s uncle) thought I was just neurotic (him and the rest of his family). Then meneir’s, then Fibromyalta (which was promptly thrown away).

Next I was sento to Scripps in San Diego and got “acquired inflammatory neuropathy (my copy of the dx.–the My old primary got more details. I never got any treatment or any more discussion. The whole thing was dropped.
Next, we were sidetracted to my husband and his decline.

Then I got to have :rolleyes: fibro again. Then chronic myofaciel pain (with muscle injections & PT. Then my new primary threw out the fibro (so did my husband’s psychiatrist.) but he gave me very good medicine for my symptoms. I was having a migraine every day or night so I got to see a neuro.

He took me serously and we discussed my condition. I finally found out that the official name for it was CIDP. I studied that on the computer–many excellent sites. I was told there is not treatment so then:rolleyes:. I finally got some serious attention when I had my stroke. Everyone
digs in with that. Friends, doctors family–I finally had something they could deal with.

I’m sorry if I sound curt. I have had a migraine for 3 days running and am grouchy. My ins. limits the quantity of maxalt they will pay for. I have to exist on excedrin and save the maxalt for this weekend. My children and theirs and theirs (ggchildren) are all going to come here for a reunion. I can’t be grouchy then. Sorry for complaining.

Hopfully one of these days I will have gotten it all out and then maybe I can comfort others.