pain control

October 9, 2007 at 9:21 am

last week i was seen at a pain clinic and i am suppose to return on nov. 1st to start on kadien (extended release morphine sulfate).

yesterday i seen my primary care and she had received a letter from the pain clinic stated what drug i was going to be started on and if she would be willing to take over the writing of the script in six months.

i then told my primary (whom i’ve seen over four yrs now) that i had been using marijuana to cope with my pain prior to going to a pain clinic. i explained how i didn’t want to feel like a “criminal” to have weed in my home, plus the cost of weed vs. a month of kadien is a big difference.

my doctor set her stuff down and told me to reconsider before starting on morphine. she spilled off to me all the side effects and the fact that you always have tolerance to the drug, etc. she actually encouraged me to continue with the weed. she even went as far as to tell me that she personally would bail me out of jail if i was ever to go. (i don’t live in one of the 12 states that have compassionate laws for medicinal marijuana).

i’m really torn about what to do. please share your thoughts……….