Pain, biopsy Pain- oh, my yes.

February 3, 2011 at 12:23 pm

I underwent a Fascicular

(“A small bundle of nerve fibers, enclosed by the perineurium, is called a funiculus; if the nerve is of small size, it may consist only of a single funiculus; but if large, the funiculi are collected together into larger bundles or nerve fascicles, which are bound together in a common membranous investment.”)

biopsy of the right median & axilla nerve in the Fall ’09. The biopsy was done at St. Mary’s Hospital, a part of the Mayo Clinic complex in Rochester, Minn.

As I understand the process, each large nerve bundle is composed of a lot of these fascicles. The surgeon’s report indicated he ‘teased’ apart the fascicles and removed some of them. I liken it to doing construction on a multi-lane freeway where some of the lanes are removed from service for a while.

In my case the surgery required an outpatient overnight stay, yet less than 24 hours- hence I was not admitted!

The short term pain was, on occasion, rather as if there were a lightning storm running up and down my arm. It was shouting out loud excruciatingly painful. Well, I had pain meds for that. Those symptoms abated in about a week, or two, and I have had no symptoms since. No pain, no worsening of symptoms and no improvement either. Though, no improvement was anticipated.

I could not, would not, and did not drive home from Minn. My wife had to drive every mile.

The nerve biopsy was the first and only diagnostic tool by which I received a definitive diagnosis. It was reported to me that, in my case, a sural biospy would be a waste of time. There are signs, and signals on specialized MRI’s that direct the surgeons to a likely biopsy spot.