Pain & Paresthesia are different

December 5, 2011 at 9:51 pm

I see that pain and paresthesia get mixed up together. I spoke with a neuro on the board who advised that PERHAPS a mixture of Neurontin and a antidepressant might help. But he did not sound sure and said I might try it. With no direct evidence of it helping, I passed on the suggestion. My own Neuro said I could try it, but he too did not sound like he knew it was a treatment for paresthesia. Three years into the illness and I cannot find a med for this problem. I’ll try one more time with my neuro and pin him down. Does he know anyone it helped? I think not. I think when those nerves are stripped and damaged they are like live wires transmitting lots of static. Weening off my take scaling down…..I’ll ask him or my druggist. Thanks as usual for your answers.