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May 22, 2009 at 9:12 am

My husband and I have watched this pattern with my sister and her daughter over and over again! And my sister and I right now have not been getting along to well! I am at wits end! Even though the children are of mixed race which they didn’t ask for, I truely love these children in my heart and don’t like what I see anymore!
I am debating on what to do! I am seroiusly thinking about contacting Social Services myself and telling them what is going on and seeing about getting Custody of the children including the unborn baby. My biggest fear is can I take care of them all without getting worse with my illness and will I be able to handle 5 children. I know we can handle two of three but 5 is alot of children. I have a 4 bedroom home. But there goes my quest bedrooms and the beauty in those rooms. They would still be in the family but I honestly think that before my sister can see them that she recieves counsiling and passes it. Something has to be done. This just can’t continue anymore! I love my sister! But I am looking at the welfare of these children. I am looking at what is best for the children. The enviroment they are in is just not the enviroment they need to be in! They need a loving home! But if I do this, I may lose my sister for good. And my mom might even get mad at me for doing it! But then again she might be relieved that something got done. But will be mad at me for hurting my sister! Right now I say who cares about my sister! She’s being just as abusive by letting these children stay in this enviroment. Personally! I think it’s time to let the daughter go and ban her from the family. She’s been nothing but trouble from day one and it’s not going to stop. These children are going to end up doing bad things in later years unless they get what they need now!
If you were in my shoes! What would you do? This is really hurting me so badly knowing what I know and seeing nothing getting done! Andy said he would help me. Shawn and JayLynn both love music. And they love their Uncle Andy. They call him Uncle Andy. JayLynn looks like Maria Carey! She is a very beautiful girl! Shawn in the face kind of looks like Prince. Eric! He’s chubby and has no confidence in himself. He is the one that went mad. Shae! She just goes along with everybody! JayLynn and I think Eric both get teased alot in school because of being mixed. They need understanding. All these kids have heard since birth is screaming and hollowing and two insane people my sister and daughter and no stability. What would you do?
Do you think I am doing right by calling the Social Services on them? Or do you think I should keep my nose out of it and let God handle it? God for some reason is not handling it! Maybe he wants me to do the deed and save these children from their horrible living conditions. Maybe he wants me to help my sister. And maybe this is a way to save my sister from a daughter that does nothing but use and abuse her mother. This would also give my sister a chance to put her foot down with her daughter and let her go her merry way! Forcing the lazy %^%& to get a job and start being a normal person which I already know will never happen! 33 years old! She’s not going to change her ways! Any advice you give me would be helpful in me making a very big decision that will effect me and my husbands life and future! But it’s for the good and not the bad. Giving these children a home with at least some stability! Please say a prayer that God answers my questions! I think he has answered them but I have this fear of am I doing the right thing for these children or will I be hurting them effecting them even more!
Linda H