our coping strategies

August 30, 2011 at 10:56 am

Same here; my logic is that I hurt more at night because the muscles tighten while at rest. In the daytime, I am moving them more, so that helps them to stretch out and give me some relief again.

I’m having a long relapse right now, full recurrence of all onset symptoms, nerve pain on all my skin surface head to toe, lots of contractions, hair fall-out, headache, insomnia and weakness. On some of my worst nights I take generic acetamenophen (white tablets, no dye); and they give me some relief and I can sleep. These days, I work till tired, rest, and work till tired, etc. day and night. Sometimes, I get up at night and do some chores, and sleep in the next day till the pain wakens me. In the middle of the night, a cup of hot coffee helps put me to sleep, another peculiarity that started with onset in 2007. Before that, drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening kept me awake till 5 AM. But GBS changes the sleep center in the brain, among other things. And I can often drift off to sleep for awhile while watching a movie, so that helps me to catch up on sleep. I am so drained of strength these days from the constant pain and struggle to do my chores and work.

Life isn’t normal anymore, but as long as we figure out some coping strategies, we can deal with what it is for us now. Hoping our bodies will stabilize soon, and we can sleep again, and the pain will lessen and be more manageable. Stay focussed.

Now, where’s my protein and my grape juice? And my coffee-cup?
And my longest movies?