OT and PT

December 30, 2007 at 9:11 pm

Thanks, Gene and Dawn! I have decided not to do the 4 mri’s the new neuro md ordered, saying he’s checking for transverse myelitis (which he doesn’t intend to treat if present). After researching transverse myelitis, it’s plain that my symptoms don’t fit. Neither does the description of MS. I had an mri of the brain when initially hospitalized (12-12) and it was normal. I received my info packet from the GBS headquarters yesterday…page 12, “Early findings of GBS” fits me to a T.

The neuro told me on the 26th that he leans more toward a dx of atypical gbs (atypical because of normal emg / ncv and knee reflexes). One of my questions is this: doesn’t atypical gbs get treated in a traditional manner if sx’s are present? Plus, since I’m in week 3, how do we know that damage isn’t ongoing? And,in that case, isn’t ot and pt premature?

I hope the md is as patient with me and my questions are you all are! 🙂