March 15, 2011 at 12:44 pm

My wife is a science teacher, who wrote to the CDC asking their opinion about Vitamin D. She actually received back a [I]hand-written letter[/I] from one of their researchers. This lady said that Vitamin D is extremely important to immune system health…so much so, that we’re, as a country, in an epidemic currently. She said that vast majority of people do not have enough Vitamin D in their systems.

The most interesting thing she said was about “flu season”. She said, “Why do you think flu season is always in the winter?” It’s because, she stated, everyone’s Vitamin D levels drop in the winter, when they’re spending less time outdoors. It happens THAT quickly…within a few weeks of decreased sun exposure, your levels drop to critical levels.

However, I have to add a personal note: I’m sort of timid about Vitamin D at the moment. I started taking 2000 I.U.’s per day of V-D and 2400 mgs of calcium (Calcium should be taken with Vitamin D, they say, to aid absorption) and then about three months later developed kidney stones. When I researched the stones, several articles stated that excessive Vitamin D AND Calcium are top causes for kidney stones. So…be careful about how much you take. A speaker in this area said that the amount you need varies by numerous things, including the altitude of where you’re living. In Utah, she said we should be taking about 4000 I.U.’s per day, for a healthy adult.



December 8, 2009 at 11:43 am

Sorry to hear about your medellng relatives. I am just a layman about GBS (because I had it). They never could pinpoin how I got it . They really dont know how it happens. The theory goes that you catch a trickey virus that mimmics the DNA structure of your nerves. Your body immune system goes into overdrive and attacks the lining of your nerves trying to battle the intruedor. Anti biotics will not touch a virus. I think where the confusion arises is some say they had a bacterial infection in the intestines before the GBS outbreak.
Cidp is a cronic form of GBS . It will sometimes come on slowly. The immune system is what causes the damage. I dont think it is the bacteria or the virus that is the problem all by itself. Some evan say the overuse of antibiots is what could trigger the bacteria to get” trickey”. They just dont know.
Any way you and the doctors know more than some one who isnt walking in your shoes. Take care


October 4, 2008 at 1:17 am

I cannot think of a reason and have not heard of one getting a relapse of GBS from novocaine–meaning a new immune attack. What I have heard is that the effects of novocaine/lidocaine can be different after GBS because the nerves may have been affected. This may AT THAT AREA make it feel like the GBS has relapsed, but it should be only that area and transient.

I have had novocaine twice since GBS. The first time was on the right side and was no different than any other time I have had novocaine. The second time was on the left lower jaw where I had had symptoms of GBS with prolonged numbness. The novocaine there lasted much, much longer than any other time I have had it–about 5-6 hours! And that area of my face felt just a little more numb than its baseline now for about two days and then it was the same. There was no worsening of the rest of me.

I hope this helps.
WithHope for a cure of these diseases