Opinion on meds prior to EMG/NCV

July 14, 2011 at 8:43 pm

17 reads, no replies?????

An opinion is easy to give.

Here’s mine-

Under no circumstance would I take any form of medication (DOCTORS’ OFFICE RE-ASSURANCE OR NOT) within 12 hours prior to my testing. Particularly, and especially, any med known to modify, mess with, interrupt, relax or in any other way interfere with my muscular and nervous system- including brain, spinal cord and all peripheral skeletal components.

Whatever it is I’m “supposed” to take can darn well wait until the test is over. Same as if I missed or skipped a dose- as old guys with CIDP are prone to do!

I reckon room temperature and your own personal skin temps are more critical. And, they are sometimes misrepresented in the final report as carefully checked and recorded.

I certainly hope your testing is to be done by an expert. That is, not somebody who took last weekend’s course or just received their testing certificate in whatever fashion.

Remember- this is an opinionated reply.