Oops wrong medical mystery

September 3, 2008 at 2:24 pm

[QUOTE=shrimpbox73]My Husband was diagnosed by a neurologist over a year ago with CIDP.He than had a seizure and some cognative problems.We paid out of pocket for JohnsHopkins and that neurologist was leaning more towards a neuromusclar disease.She did not say which one.Then he developed bloodclots in both legs.We were in the hospital for a week,our insurance sent us to UPenn.another Neuro Dr. thinks he has neuromuscular disease and a diabetic neuropthy.He was walking with a limp last April and now it is Sept and he is in a wheelchair!! I think he is dieing and no one wants to tell me.The Dr. at Hopkins seemed to be leaning towards ALS.He still has never had any treatment due to no real diagnoses.Is this disease fatal?? I had to quit my Job because he falls and is now having bowel problems.his hands are now starting not to work well either.I am losing my mind with worry.He is 53.Anyone else feeling this kind of frustration?? Thank you in advance.:confused:[/QUOTE]

I got my medical mysteries mixed up. The one that sounded similar to your husband’s symptoms was Polyarteritis nodosa. This is an autoimmune disease. That is the one to mention to your husband’s doctor. Sorry if I confused you.