June 30, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Welcome Peter I am soon to be 54 next week.I contracted my Gbs from an exhaust fan on the roof of a major hospital in my area. Think that is were but cant prove it. Mine came very fast like your wife. Started IVIG within a couple of days and it slowed the progression , as it stoped at my shoulders down. In hospital for 5 weeks, went home and did pt for a couple months. Its been around 8 months and am back to work for a couple months now. Everyone is different in there recovery.My doctor did say you are better off when it hits hard and fast as far as recovery goes.I still have numb feet and feels like I am walking on rocks under the balls of my feet. butt it can take a couple years of healing ,so I just put up with my residuals. If the progresion has stopped you must take it slow and have her keep a journal of the proggress and soon she will walk again.Every couple days she will see improvement. Hope that helps you at this scarry time
Take care