One year anniversary

July 31, 2010 at 2:37 am

I haven`t posted in a while but got back on, saw this positive thread and want to blab.
My story: Stroke, diagnosing the stroke they found a brain tumour, took out the tumour and a week later back in the hospital with some serious vomiting. They thought it was something to do with the tumour. I was on a ventilator two days before they figured it out. Told my husband and kids to say your goodbyes. First round of IVIG didn’t work but the second did (you figured that out cause you are reading this). Told my family I would be in the hospital for six to nine months. I got out in 67 days. That was exactly one year ago.
Two months out of the hospital, my mom took me on a cruise, saw the panama cannel. Very cool.
I wrote three screen plays, sold one- we go into pre-production in November. Started a novel, got an agent and they are waiting on the rest of it. Personally, I am going to go with the Joseph Heller school on this one. He had GBS, you should read his book about it. He missed the deadline for Catch-22 by four years.
I got to go downtown and see the Olympic torch; I am in Vancouver, Canada.
Next week I get to see my son play in the Canadian National Rugby tournament.
I have accomplished more in the last year than I had in my previous 50 some.
I still have `fuzzy feet`, just means that I don’t need slippers.