One thing comes to mind?

May 12, 2010 at 6:56 pm

From my ‘substituting days’?
The IG label stated ‘Brand name [B]or equivalent[B][/B][/B]’ That was clued me in? I called the patient represenatives’ office and that’s how I got the proof tho didn’t ask for it ‘specifically’? I’d simply asked what the pharmacy had dispensed to me of IVIG on the stated dates. They’d never notified my neuro or me of the substitutions [required by federal law?]- so with info in hand I contacted my state board of licencing..which had a pharmacy category. Then I contacted my insurance co and sent a letter to the hospital…but only after I’d lined up home infusion service in my area.
I do believe that I am treated w/auspicous caution as a result? The few times I’ve had to go to the hospital since? I am watchfully and superly cared for! They constantly ask me to do ‘surveys’? I reply that I would do a survey IF it was pertinent to my medical issues [all of them] and my care of any one issue IF allowed to put it into context w/the other issues…. I never hear any more. Stupid YES/NO questions don’t mean a thing in terms of quality care! And, they should know that!
Still…get to an allergist! They can and do help you w/those ITCHES! And it does ITCH BIG-TIME!!! Try and set up your IG appointments and then allergist appt for the day or two afterwards. It’s the best way for the derm to SEE what’s going on! Take pics if you’ve a digital? Place a dime or such near site to give an idea of the sizes too.
I know I’ve stuck w/IVIG thru all these problems? I KNOW and can FEEL that it helps me! Don’t give up! Just keep checking things out… Hugs and good things!