One thing about any neuro issue?

March 26, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Is that it overlaps with a hundred others! Doctors who are diligent as well as us patients persue answers…if they are there. At times they aren’t.
CIDP diagnostics from all I gather entail a long process of eliminating other things… there is not ultimate test to confirm it, rather the combination of blood work, spinal work-ups, nerve studies, MRI’s, CT’s-PLUS a savvy doc who knows it when he/she sees it.
OK films are films, hard to contest [unless going into pricey hi resolution tests that are rarely being approved for the ‘doing’ now], nerve conduction tests do have heaps of variables tho, which is why each new neuro wants to do ‘their own’. Spinal? Well, as said, it isn’t always conclusive per-se. And then the whole sural biopsy route is often suggested if all other tests aren’t postitive one way or the other. The sural biopsy is going out of favor fast tho, as it can cause damages due to possible infection…and it only proves that nerves are dead. Nothing more. [Look up ‘sural biopsy’ and ‘punch biopsy’, the two standard testing methods in use] Many insurance companies won’t pay for it except for extreme cases [the kind which have to be appealed].
Bloodwork? Well, there are reports that even these can be ‘inconclusive’ one time and the next ‘definite’…
Yes the human body is a complicated thing! The more I’ve learned, the more respect I have for it, and the more I marvel that I have survived! Count your blessings too, always keep things in perspective. Best always