One person’s approach to ANA

August 6, 2008 at 7:57 pm

I learned this long ago and thought it was kind of funny. I might not remember it exactly, but it goes something like this.
ANA 1:40 yawn
ANA 1:80 look up
ANA 1:160 Raise the eyebrows (repeat if other concerns)
ANA 1:320 Sit up and take notice (definitely repeat)
ANA 1:640 Reach out to the phone and call a rheumatologist for a future appointment
ANA 1:1280 Order a urinanalysis right before calling a rheumatologist for an appointment real soon
ANA 1:2560 Walk with them down to rheumatology!

Of course, any interpretation also depends on other potential symptoms of a collagen vascular disease.
I also do not know how serious the person was, but they said they were serious.