on the mend

October 13, 2008 at 9:10 pm

Wow! My husband brought me the lap top and I am able to sit up for short periods of time. I had forgotten that I had posted this thread.
You are all so amazing. Here I sit in my hospital room,alone, and I feel like I have so many friends surrounding me. It is so comforting.
I sent my poor worried hubby to the hotel. I often think it’s harder on the caregivers.
But here’s where I stand (or sit). The surgeon was very pleased with how the surgery went. It is called posterior fossa decompresion surgery. I’ll leave it to you and google if you are interested. I have an 8 in. long incision up the back of my head. GBS was very unhappy about this invasive procedure and the residuals kick into high gear. I had a wonderful team of Drs who were very aware of my history. So instead of going home I’m moving to rehab tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted.
Thanks to everyone of you for the thoughts and prayers.